Driving Electric from the Mountains to the Sea

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1 Year Travel Cost Comparison

Fuel $1,100.00 12,000 MILES/YR
Electric $400.00 12,000 MILES/YR

Our studies have shown that the number one reason North Carolinians switch to driving electric is to save money. Not only are you saving on fuel costs, but electric vehicles also require less maintenance.


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Plug-in NC members have demonstrated a commitment to supporting electric vehicles. Members have installed charging stations, purchased electric fleet vehicles or completed electric vehicle education and outreach activities. Their support and efforts are helping to drive electric vehicle adoption in North Carolina.

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Featured Member

Tanger Outlets Mebane

Plug-in Facts:

  • Four Level 2 Charging Stations

“We are pleased to offer four FREE EV Charging Stations at the Tanger Outlets in Mebane. We have discovered many of our shoppers are now arriving in electric vehicles and we wanted to make sure they are accommodated. We even have locks on them on the weekend to protect the spaces from being used by gas-powered vehicles. When you arrive during a weekend visit, just call our security line at (336) 207-8711 and we will unlock them for you. The spaces have received many compliments and we are delighted to be able to offer free charging while our customers save money!” -Jeff Johnson

Website: http://www.tangeroutlet.com/mebane

PlugShare Charging Station Profile:


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Plug-in NC ambassadors are passionate about electric vehicles. By volunteering at events and giving presentations, ambassadors help Plug-in NC by promoting driving electric across the state.

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Featured Ambassador

Bruce Photo


Bruce is a Plug-in NC ambassador from Cary, NC. His favorite electric vehicle is the Nissan LEAF. When asked why he loves electric vehicles he explained, “My father was born in 1919, he grew up watching gas engine vehicles go main stream. I saw the chance to be part of electric motor vehicles going main stream.” Thank you Bruce for volunteering at our events and being a great electric vehicle advocate!