Brightfield Transportation Solutions

Brightfield Transportation Solutions

Plug-in Facts:

  • 100+ Charging Stations
  • 2 Electric Fleet Vehicle

“Since 2010, Brightfield Transportation Solutions has delivered B2B Solar Driven® charging solutions for the rapidly expanding electric
vehicle marketplace. Brightfield is the only electric vehicle charging station developer with a patented grid-connected system for
integrating generation, storage and delivery of solar fuel to America’s electric vehicles.

There are millions of electric vehicles coming quickly to America’s roads, but there are not enough public charging stations to meet
demand. This need creates an opportunity for our clients. Brightfield helps utilities, retailers, workplaces, municipalities, universities and
other B2B clients capture consumers, create customer loyalty, manage energy resources, and promote future-oriented sustainability
solutions; all while keeping our clients’ business goals and realities at the forefront.

Brightfield is unique in the EV infrastructure market delivering brand-agnostic end-to-end solutions for our clients including infrastructure
strategy, site planning, hardware and software products, installation and station management; all while fulfilling our vision to leapfrog
fossil fuel and Drive on Sunshine.”
‒ Stan Cross