Nissan $3,000 Rebate for North Carolina Residents

Nissan North America is currently offering a $3,000 rebate to North Carolina residents on the 2018 Nissan LEAF.  This offer supports Nissan’s efforts to accelerate electric vehicle adoption across the United States.

$3,000 (Plug-in NC Rebate) + $7,500 (Federal EV Tax Credit)  = $10,500 (Net Savings)

This special offer is available to North Carolina residents, and cannot be combined with any other Nissan fleet or retail offers.  This program is a limited time offer, and will likely conclude without advance notice.

Visit your local Nissan dealer today for details and provide them a copy of this announcement (click to download) and fleet code B62619.

Questions? Contact Cornelius Willingham at 404-655-5370 or