About Plug-in NC

Plug-in NC has been working since 2011 to establish North Carolina as a leader in electrified transportation. We are a state-wide program that promotes electric vehicles through education and outreach, consulting and resource development. We also strive to provide a collaborative opportunity for stakeholders to work together to ensure a seamless integration of plug-in electric vehicles into our local communities.


Our Mission

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    We motivate

    Electric vehicles are a new technology and we believe that they can make a big impact. We encourage communities and organizations to support this technology by installing charging stations and purchasing electric fleet vehicles.

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    We progress

    We’re innovators and early-adopters. We see the opportunity that electric vehicles have and we seek to help build awareness. We recognize that charging stations help to boost the economy by attracting new visitors and serving as a progressive marketing tool.

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    We Inspire

    We strive to be a positive influence. We inspire people to think larger and see how electric transportation plays a part in our communities. We support driving electric through our initiatives and actions.

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    We share

    We spread the word about driving electric and assist others in learning about electric vehicles and charging stations. We share experiences and seek to learn from others in order to gain best practices and increase electric vehicle adoption.

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    We breathe

    We care about the environment and want our communities to be healthy places to live, work and play. Electric vehicles lead to decreased local emissions so that the air we breathe is cleaner.

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    We drive

    We know electric vehicles are fun to drive. With instant torque and a smooth, quiet ride, electric vehicles’ driving performance is hard to beat. Because of all the benefits that come with electric vehicles we encourage drivers across North Carolina to drive electric.


Let's Connect

Join North Carolina’s electric vehicle movement. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee guides the activities of Plug-in NC. All committee members work in the electric vehicle field and are located in North Carolina. The committee enables us to stay up to date on electric vehicle happenings across the state and helps us to reach out to communities and individuals from the mountains to the sea.

  • Andrea Bachrach

    Andrea Eilers

    Triangle Clean Cities Coalition

  • Davis,Arlene

    Arlene Davis

    Advanced Energy

  • Bill Eaker

    Bill Eaker

    Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition

  • Capture

    David Schatz


  • Huis Photo

    Diane Huis

    North Carolina's Electric Cooperatives

  • Jason Wager

    Jason Wager

    Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition

  • oe

    Joe Baum

    Blue Ridge EV Club

  • pogerlisa

    Lisa Poger

    Advanced Energy

  • image1

    Marcy Bauer


  • mike-waters

    Mike Waters


  • Stan Cross

    Stan Cross

    Brightfield Transportation Solutions

  • Rick Sapienza Pic

    Richard Sapienza

    NC Clean Energy Technology Center

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